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    Todd Ghorai
    My lil gold mizer (electric model) is very easy to set up and use. It has very high gold retention rate. Especially for flour gold. You will be amazed every time you use it. The craftsmanship and engineering are excellent. Jr has a great product. Handmade by him. If you can even find another centrifuge it will be more than twice the price and probably not made as well. Customer service is excellent.
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    Phillip Johns
    When I first read about the Little Mizer I thought great! Looks like a good machine and cheaper than others available here in the Northern Territory Australia. I decided to order! JR was so helpful regarding changing the motor to suit our needs and delivery went very smoothly, I received my Mizer in just over one week from USA. The Little Mizer is a great concept, well made and very portable. I did a test run of the machine and it runs well, I am looking forward to taking it out into the field soon. I will review again when I find the Gold!
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