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We are a family owned and operated small business that has an interest in gold prospecting. These machines, whether electric or gas powered, are a centrifuge that is designed to run raw materials and is efficient enough to be a finishing machine.

These machines have been successfully tested in Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, and in Arizona at the GPAA and LDMA sites.
This portable machine, the Creekside Model, is 85 lbs. It takes around 10 minutes to run a 5 gallon bucket of dirt through, concentrate is approx. 1 cup, clean out time is approx. 1 minute. Our machine has a 99+% recovery rate.  You will be amazed with the Lil' Gold Spinner machine as it has been proven to catch even the finest of Gold flakes down to 100 minus that most machines loose out on.

The Electric model is about 46 lbs, and has the same amount of time and recovery rate as the creekside model. With the fold up legs, this machine is great for table tops, garages, or at your campsite. This is great for the dredgers or highbankers that have a lot of concentrates to clean up after a long day.

The Wash Box attachment for the creekside and prospector models makes running raw material much easier and faster.
You can cut down the amount of processing time and still maintain the recovery rate.

The Prospector Model has the same recovery rate as the other models, but this one is deigned to sit out in water. With a weight of 58 lbs. this one is easily moved from place to place.

Electric  Model

Prospector Model​​

Creekside Model

Wash Box 

Recirculation Kit
bilge bump, hose, 1/8 classifier, totes   numerous totes, numerous configurations

Some Fun Facts

Did You Know?

  1. 99%
    recovery rate
  2. 1 minute
    clean out time
  3. 10 approximately minutes
    to run a 5 galloon bucket